Friday, May 18, 2012


I decided to help my girlfriend distress a pair of her  skinny jeans- turned shorts. She had them professionally hemmed previously as well. There are many many different ways to distress your jeans ie. cheese grater, sandpaper, scissors.. etc.There are a lot of different methods but I found this way to be the easiest :P It was my first time attempting this but it was actually quite easy.

What you will need:
1) Scissors
2) Tweezers

              Realized I needed to take a "before" photo, AFTER I already made two slits.
          1) Make two parallel incisions where you'd like your rips to be
2) There are treads running horizontally and vertically so you want to just fray the bottom edges by tugging on it, and once you can grasp the vertical thread you.. pull!
3) After a short while, you will start to see the horizontal threads clearly. You can continue to pull on the vertical threads from the bottom but I noticed for medium to big sized rips, pulling around the middle of the rip ( as shown in photo) is easier to remove the vertical thread. For smaller rips it's easier to grasp the edges (step 2) 
 4) Upon finishing, you will notice the top and bottom edges looking too "clean" so just simply pull on the edges to make them frayed! 
Now you can just repeat and add as much or ass little rips as you'd like!
I figured the bottom hem didn't match the rest of the distressed shorts so I just unstitched and cut off the hem!  and used a scissor to fray the bottoms out by going against the grain in a sweeping motion with scissors slightly open until you get your desired look. Also, once these have been washed, you will get a much prettier result!
The end !
I suppose you would need cleaning roller. LOL. such a mess.
Yam fries (my favv) ribs & shrimp! @ Marine Pub 
Sweater- Korea, Shoes- Franco Sarto, Pants- J Brand Mocha jeggings
Yesterday I dropped by Urban Outfitters and tried on a hat.. haha $9.99 although I didn't buy.
Purchased this T-Fal garment steamer at The Bay! They were having a sale on steamers until today! It was on sale $139.99 & 20 % off. It was between this or the Rowenta which reg price was about 180? From what I remember the differences were, Rowenta had extension to reach curtains, retraction cord, several accessories ie lint remover head, and 50W more than T-fal. I didn't think I needed such a fancy steamer so I opted out - going to check out Costco perhaps n few other places as well! but so far seems pretty good? Haven't used any other steamers before so I can't compare from experience!!
Also! wanted to mention I got eyelash extensions while in Korea! It was my first time having them done but....... I LOVE IT! lol, great confidence booster too. heheh def. going to have them done here in Vancouver when it's time!  ;)

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