Friday, May 4, 2012

Photo snaps- Korea pt. 1

None of which is in particular order:

          Set to go!
          Stopped by Myeong Dong shopping district- it's filled with flagship stores of major global and local brands
Was so hot! had to stop by my favorite donut shop! DUNKIN DONUTS
The flower shaped one ( Olive twist ) at the bottom is the best! They have rice cake in their batter making the bread so chewy n yummy~
 Was able to see Namsan Seoul Tower from here ! From the top of the tower you are able
to gaze down on the city of Seoul.
My mom promised to buy my cousins toys so here we are at the toy shop! 

 Photo of one of my cousins :) 
 Place where all tourists stop by: Namdaemun Marketplace
The largest market in Korea. 
They have everything from household items, to souvenirs, clothing, food etc.. Best place to get celebrity items ie. socks, keychains, posters haha
Bought lots of makeup and skincare items, lots of which isn't in this photo. But here you can see
eye brow kit, cleansing foam, cream and essence, sunscreen, colored lip blam, eyeliner, and moisturized 
cotton pads before applying on bb cream etc. [ All bought from Etude ]
These are strawberry rollers! they were so cute I just bought them to give them a try. Basically you
just roll them up in your hair when it's dry and after 20 mins or so you are left with curls!
 Stopped by to watch my uncle kick some ass  ;) 
 Supa baby~~
Ssamzie-gil -Place in Insadong, where you can enjoy shopping and Korean culture altogether.
 Entrance of Changdeokgung (Palace) "Palace of Prospering Virtue" [one of the 5 grand palaces ]

  Built as 2ndary palace of Gyeongbokgung in the Joseon Dynasty.  ( originally we had gone to the main palace but happened to be closed! >.<) didn't take many decent photos of the palace ..
 & Just a fraction of the secret garden

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