Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Can't sleep.

Ah, it appears I still have jet lag. Not sure if it's just because I've been "sort" of busy, or because I just can't adjust- normally I'm good with that. Either way, 4:45 AM I'm browsing online. Getting hungrier by the minute hehe. Why is it that at night just when you shouldn't eat, you think of all the foods you can eat the next day? and............ get giddy.Well it's morning now but If I haven't slept yet I still call it night :P   La la. Anyway, here's a few cutesy things I'd bought from Korea,

Panda & Bee - hand lotion from Etude and the Russian doll- blush stick from The Face Shop
My new cellphone case! Don't worry the fluffy heart I detach, as it serves a better purpose
 Acts as a stand!
Ear jack accessory for cellphones

That's it for now .good morning night.. Time for bed... 5:48AM.


  1. i've been waking up early. those products are really cute

    1. Hehe thanks yeah I'm planning to just refill them after I've run out as the case is cute lol

  2. I woke up two hours earlier than I have to for work this morning.. I'm still trying to recover from my trip, and I got back on Monday!