Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Korea Pt.4

Final Chapter
Somewhere along the road ..
Bunch of upside down pensions!
Peace Observatory -From here, you can see North Korean people living on the other side of the border
               Peeking into N. Korea
Korea is known for their unique/cute cafes, resturants & shops, last year I'd seen Hello Kitty cafe, everything from the seats, to your latte were all Hello Kitty themed!  
                       J's Recipe Resturant
Just outside where we ate, location where the korean variety show " Running Man" once filmed lol

Time goes by so fast while you are on vacation! Just when I was about to get used to the subway system & the culture difference .. time to go home! Sad to leave, but the thought of being in my own house !!!!! Nothin' like your own bed :) It's interesting how open and willing you are to spend money when you are on vacay! lol this time I made sure I made smarter purchases. Was able to see family, shop, tour around............and have fun!! .

                            Next trip. L.A and NEW YORK!!

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