Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Korea pt.3

JE JU ISLAND!              

             Beautiful palm trees to greet me. Felt like L.A! 
      TREND ALERT! : Older ladies with colorful hiking gear from head to toe. Holla at yo mamma! hahah
Shades of blue, how I love you.

Genghis Khan show- worth watching!  
Underwater adventure- this is the little transfer boat that took us to the submarine...waste of $$!!
Inside the submarine. Saw about 3 types of fishes? The handler had to lure them near with food.. my mom told our driver to not bring future tourists there. ahahaha
Elephant show
Glass World- Korea's #1 Glass Theme Park
Glass arts exhibition that has over 250 glass artworks from all around the world on display
Looking through the glass telescope!
Soinguk Miniature Theme Park- Models of famous architecture all over the world!
. Went horse riding! Apparently they are famous horses! as they've appeared in Korean dramas
Love Land
Outside the Botanical Garden
Inside the pension we were staying at, forgot to take photos of downstairs!
&& we stopped by the Je Ju mysterious road! Despite the road appearing uphill, the car still moves as if the road is going downwards! optical illusion. be sure to check it if you go :) Also stopped by Hallasan,  Folklore museum n much more. Beautiful Island . Je Ju

And yes, if you've noticed in pictures I got a perm! Loving it, but not so much my bangs ..so until it grows out i'll be pinning them back!


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