Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let's eat

 Dug out my summer silk pants. I think my butt is a bit too big in them. O well! it's night time and no one will see ;)
Late night dessert with B_tee
         How's my Chinese writing? ^^                            

                                                                                 . Few Instagram Photos
First time using my ribbon hair tie. Always felt it seemed a bit too girly 
          Yes, it's apparent which side of my face I like. Yes, it's different. me   lol
 Bf had a house warming dinner so this is what we had prepared for the guests! Technically I had "assisted" him since he did almost everything hahah! I helped put it together ;) SO delish!
Beef tataki & Beef Wellington! Successss!! Also had made stew, asparagus, sangria etc no pics :(
Lastly... dessert!! mmMmm

IT'S CONFIRMED!! going to LOS ANGELES with my girlfriends later this month!!!!! sooo excited


  1. Replies
    1. you just need deeelicious icecream! :P

  2. your post makes me hungryyy!!! haha.
    the bow hairtie is so cute on you!

    1. Thanks hehe ya should wear it more often ;)

  3. yum! you guys are good cooks!

  4. This post overall has made me so hungry!
    I really like your pants too!