Sunday, April 24, 2011

♥ My new favorite jacket

                                                 Ta-da!! my new Veda leather jacket ^^

Jacket Veda/ shoes TOMS / pants Banana Republic
Nice lil' vintage shop on Robson!
Genki Ramen on Main - Miso soup base!
With all I am.. Lord I will follow you

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

♥ Mondays are happy days

beautiful day. finally. on my day off :)

Slowly Vancouver weather has been getting better.. finally some sun.
Stopped by Red Burrito  to grab some food. yumm.
Went to Chapters to see if there was any "travelling books" for Korea. good ones atleast
Picked up these cute sandals at Urban Outfitters  for only $20!!
Glad the only thing I bought was cheap sandals. Goodness, I shouldn't even be tempting myself with window shopping. Esp, after purchasing leather jacket (which has yet to arrive .. shipping is taking forever), Burberry boots, & shopping in L.A. About to set off to Korea in about 3 weeks!! Have been saving up to splurge when I get there :)

" Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will comsume you too"
- Will Smith

Saturday, April 16, 2011

♥ Girl's gotta have her shaved ice

yumm, okay it wasn't the best I've had.. BUT. statisfied my craving for it ;) Green tea & red bean shaved ice with fruits
 With my darling B.  
Bf's Fred Perry cardigan/ Monk & Lou tank / Boathouse bandeau/ Gmarket jeans

♥ Aberdeen

Tommy Hilfiger sweater/ American Eagle shorts/ Marc by Marc Jacobs bag/ Disney necklace
Bling overload.
how creeeepy is this?
@ Daiso $2 store
My temporary phone. RIP iphone3
Doesn't this look so good?'s not as good as it looks lol!
caught me in motion, too bad my legs don't look like this in person : P
My squished H& M hat

Friday, April 15, 2011

♥ yeoooooooow

I don't fear death, sort of .

Finally been able to upload my bungee jumping photos! We went up to Whistler and my, it was quite the journey. After driving on dirt roads, going up to Whistler village, walking on dirt roads, making wrong turns, missing our turns--- finally arrived. We left the earliest, yet we arrived the latest. One thing I've been wanting to do before I die. lol done  ! To be honest it wasn't as scary as I've anticipated, but def was a memorable 2 mins lol

Monday, April 11, 2011

♥ this message

                                     appreciate. we tend to forget how lucky we are.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

♥ Sexiest pants alive

BALMAIN leather skinny pants! retails: $5000 (soooo expensive but so hot!)

More photos:
These sexy babies are killer if you got the money and legs- which both I do not have  lol.

♥ VEDA overload

Waiting for my beloved Veda Max classic motorcycle jacket to arrive! Finally found my perfect leather jacket :)  prefer it over Mackage since it's so played out.  After dreaming about it everyday, finally bought it on ebay with help from a friend !! much thanks ! + got it much cheaper than I would've at Holt (if they still have it) or online! It's almost identical to the Rick Owens leather jacket as well, but it's much more affordable since Rick Owens would run over $2000 v.s VEDA ~ under $800 depending what color/style. Like most leather jackets, this looks best worn open

                                                        Veda Classic Max motorcycle leather jacket
This is the color I bought because I loved the contrast between the grey/black, but love the black too!

Other cute styles from Veda:

VEDA Max classic in suede $737 here

check out other awesome collections at the official website! VEDA

Rick Owens :

Some pics of celebs wearing Veda & Rick Owens

So what do you guys think?
I'll be posting pics of the actual item when I receive it!

Friday, April 8, 2011

♥ Fun in the sun.

Finally some sun in Vancouver!! Went with bf to browse  Front & Co vintage clothing store/ Granville Island and Kits beach!
 Got to wear my new Ray Ban sunglasses I bought at the LAX duty free shop!
welcome to the candy shop !

Wilfred blazer/ JNBY suspender pants/ Monk & Lou shirt/ Bebe tubetop/ TOMS shoes/ Ray Ban sunglasses

Despite all the healthy foods avail at Granville Island, got pizza and donuts (Lee's donuts are so good!) Lately my skin has been getting worse, when I go to Korea I'll be looking into getting facials and skin treatment lol! Also really need a hair cut soon, the last time I cut it was when my hair was soo damaged I decided to chop it off "myself" .. which turned out ugly so I just curled my hair so its unnoticeable hahah. Oh, and yesterday my iphone 3G decided to die on me so..... switched over to my bf's Nokia E71. Hopefully iphone5 will be out by June-
Went Bungee jumping last Sunday- will post photos soon!