Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Night

Online shopping is a curse. One click away

Club Monaco! love love!. Got myself a T-shirt(3rd color) on sale for $25 + 30% off!!
how cute <3

Dreading going to work tmrw. Almost missed work today.. got ready in literally 5 mins and ran out the door -.-;; SUPPOSED to have 28,29,30th off but last min my boss sched work.. however looking at next week's sched it's not that booked so may end up having those days off ... :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Catch up

Been pretty lazy to post - so here's  a photo spam!

True Confections
Alleluia Cafe- nothin' like a mini set meal!
With my bestie " studying-gaming-talking " ... fail
But technically all she had to "study"...  was to write down the same mandarin word 10x X18 diff words lol
involves. n o thinking. hahahah <3
             Cattle Cafe- Satay soup with Fish tofu and sausage + side order of fried chicken cutlet + Red bean milkshake.. so goood!  
French Toast!
Went to Sephora to look for a new mascara when I came across this! 10 different brands to try out + Clinique make-up remover for only $54! Would have cost ~150 to buy these separately. Brands include: Bare Essentials, Fairydrops, Hourglass, Josie Maran, Make Up Forever, Sephora Collection, Stila, Tarte, Too Faced and Urban Decay!

I tried to stay away from Tom's due to their lack of durability but gave in as they go well with almost every outfit. Decided to try smth new so got these super shiny sequin ones, they are, or atleast they feel thicker than the reg. canvas ones. they are $72 but Plenty was having 20% off so they came to ~57!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Exchange & wants

I ended up exchanging my flats for loafers!!! I had wanted loafers for awhile but wanted a different one other than the calf leather or patent. None was available so I opted for the flats but wasn't in love with them.. although they were nice. I was browsing on the LV website, and O.M.G they had these loafers in the exact same color/material as the flats so I called the store and Hotel Vancouver had one pair left in my size!!! So I headed downtown and exchanged them. SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPPY!!! they are soooo pretty in person and shimmery!!!  LOL this is one of the times I was glad it rained over the week = me not wearing my flats. hehehe. These babies were $610 so I had to pay the difference but it wasn't much. love love love   .
Same shoes in black with silver hardware too.. tempted to buy (they have it on the Korean Lv site but not US... not sure if it's even avail) but sooo sleek. can't tell in the photo but has a nice shimmer to it too in the light.

Open toe pumps in patent leather. Tried these while waiting for my loafers in Taupe though, soo pretty. Has a lock at the back that has "LV" engraved on it. Cost about $695?
How utterly amazing is this   Alexander McQueen scarf? silk chiffon.skulls.leopard = perfect combo.
Available here : link

Also tried on the Chanel reissue in black calf skin. in love. hoping to just get it when I go to the states sometime unless I find a good deal here. so expensive :(   && want some nice chunky/warm sweaters!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just got my flats !

Got this as a gift from few friends for my birthday :)                much love  xo
luckily my mom likes them, or else......... she'd be babbling about them everytime she saw them

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lazy Monday

Caffe Artigiano
hot chocolate- it sucked :(

"Granny sweater" ...normally just wear this at home( so warm!)  but today was a cold and lazy day so ..
just threw on a dress and stockings with it.

the end.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Just one of those days..

where you just crawl into bed and not want to do anything. Thinking about everything and anything.

Today is my Emo day lol.

what chu lookin' at?                  i keed.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton oxford ballerinas! 
 Got these flats in Taupe color & suede, not available on the website yet cause it just came in this season.
 I feel slightly guilty that I purchased these :( buyers remorse. sigh. hahaha Cost about $580+ tax
. loooksss so pretty in real life <3 but hesitant because it's goatskin suede ~ ?! Don't think it's as practical, and worried it'll be ugly and faded  by next year and won't want to wear it. If it was black suede it would be better but it's taupe(the blk leather was more plain and not as nice but practical).. but then again it's not the fuzzy kind of suede so maybe it's a wee more durable.blehhhhh. I justified it by thinking.... well it's easy to come across nice black shoes but not taupe! lol!  Somehow my grey Veda jacket is already faded too and hasn't been a year. I talked to my bf after and he said " Angela, it rains in Vancouver half the time.. when are you going to wear it?" so true.  GOOOOODNESS        

on the brighter note: 
Takoyaki- one of my fav's 
Pumpkin & egg sooo goood
  Spicy chicken with enoki mushroom


Friend treated dinner!!! :) totally got absorbed into eating, forgot to take photos of the other goodies I ate. 


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just have a good time.

Made with love by my Boyfriend. && hand made sweet potatoe cake
Few things I received from my bestestest friends! XO time for some shopping!!!

veda/J Brand waxed venoms/ Alexander McQueen/ Monk & Lou/ Nine West

Thinking of heading to Holts tmrw to check out some things, really wanting a Chanel ..
(wishlist: Jumbo calfskin reissue, jumbo classic,GST, WOC..................ahh)  or maybe Lv shoes. Would you rather purchase something lower priority on your wishlist but is a good deal?  Or wait longer for the one you desire more? Sometimes you want something and know you will eventually get it as one of your staple goods, but question is when to buy it..Ah, was thinking of getting a bag in states but worried about customs :S Anybody buy any expensive bags down there? did you claim it?


Friday, October 14, 2011

Holt Renfrew CC

Just got this in my email! Not a bad offer, if you apply for AMEX before Oct ends you get 10% off your first purchase?! possibly Chanel? Pretty worth it I think, also you get the equivalent of 50$ on rewards points that can be used as gift card to your purchase

Monday, October 10, 2011

feel the chill in my bones.

Too cold to move.
         J Brand waxed leggings, G-market jacket, Banana Republic cashmere sweater, House of Harlow ring, MBMJ bag

Awhile back me and my cousin made "붕어빵!" Aka.... fish shaped bread with red bean!

A little heartbreaking when you come to know just how much you spend on food. Seems there's not much to do in Vancouver but eat.. or drink..
Anyone hear about the crazy $39,000 Croc backpack from Mary-Kate and Ashley's line?!? toooooo expensive imo...

would you?

Is it just me, or anyone in their 20's grew up with the twins & follows them? I remember back in the day when me and my bestie would run home and turn on " You're invited to.." videos and sing along. Loved reading all their books and watching Full House/Two of a kind ..etc, although as they got older their acting became more noticeaby worse? lol but that didn't stop me from buying their movies.
 Those were the days......

credits: and

Thursday, October 6, 2011

9 more days..

till my birthdayyy! -- hate planning, each year seems to get less "exciting" boo.

Too cold to dream about wearin' this :(
My new favorite black lace bralette from Urban Outfitters "honeydew brand". This was my very first Louis Vuitton limited Edition Monogram Mini Lin Croisette Marina GM purchased in 07/08?  
Don't carry it out half as much as I'd like but I love it.

Is it just me, or Forever21 always has nice display clothing on the mannequins but you can never find them in the damn store? lol half the times I do ask an employee they are just as clueless. Recently I had bought a chiffon maxi skirt in Blush? Pink-ish coral color? $14.50 and a full length purple chiffon maxi dress $18.50. Such a good deal compared to what I paid for my Urban Outfitter dresses. Sad thing, I doubt I'll be able to wear them this year :(

Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer breeze.. or what's left of it

Took a stroll downtown with my bf :) Our repeated attempts to ride bikes at the sea wall failed yet again. one day..!  
Bally bag, mom's necklace, UO blouse & dress, Dior sunglasses
Stopped by to have a sip of sangria! @ Merchant tea (?)
Here's the new necklace I traded for brand new! well, just the pendant but she cleaned the chain as well on the spot, which usually you would have to pay $15 for. 

Walk away from temptation, whatever it may be.