Friday, October 21, 2011

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton oxford ballerinas! 
 Got these flats in Taupe color & suede, not available on the website yet cause it just came in this season.
 I feel slightly guilty that I purchased these :( buyers remorse. sigh. hahaha Cost about $580+ tax
. loooksss so pretty in real life <3 but hesitant because it's goatskin suede ~ ?! Don't think it's as practical, and worried it'll be ugly and faded  by next year and won't want to wear it. If it was black suede it would be better but it's taupe(the blk leather was more plain and not as nice but practical).. but then again it's not the fuzzy kind of suede so maybe it's a wee more durable.blehhhhh. I justified it by thinking.... well it's easy to come across nice black shoes but not taupe! lol!  Somehow my grey Veda jacket is already faded too and hasn't been a year. I talked to my bf after and he said " Angela, it rains in Vancouver half the time.. when are you going to wear it?" so true.  GOOOOODNESS        

on the brighter note: 
Takoyaki- one of my fav's 
Pumpkin & egg sooo goood
  Spicy chicken with enoki mushroom


Friend treated dinner!!! :) totally got absorbed into eating, forgot to take photos of the other goodies I ate. 



  1. i love that pumpkin egg!!!! and love the flats =)

  2. omg i love guu! we have them in toronto too!!!

  3. food there is awesome! but i have to order a lot in order to get full :P

  4. Those flats are lovely, but you are right, Vancouver weather makes it hard to invest in anything suede.

    Yum at the pics from Guu! They never fail to disappoint :)

  5. Suede in the rain!? Well, they will be in okay shape in a year because you'll only be able to wear them when its dry out which is like three days a year in Van haha

    I hate the rain

  6. it's weird though, its made in " baby goat suede" which is like........... feels like lamb leather kind of. its not like the normal suede you would expect so i guess that helps a bit

  7. The ballerina shoes is lovely and is perfect for summer.
    And the food looks delicious. YUMMY!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  8. I LOVE those shoes - so chic and they look like you'll get a ton of use out of them ! Just found your blog btw - love it! :)