Monday, October 10, 2011

feel the chill in my bones.

Too cold to move.
         J Brand waxed leggings, G-market jacket, Banana Republic cashmere sweater, House of Harlow ring, MBMJ bag

Awhile back me and my cousin made "붕어빵!" Aka.... fish shaped bread with red bean!

A little heartbreaking when you come to know just how much you spend on food. Seems there's not much to do in Vancouver but eat.. or drink..
Anyone hear about the crazy $39,000 Croc backpack from Mary-Kate and Ashley's line?!? toooooo expensive imo...

would you?

Is it just me, or anyone in their 20's grew up with the twins & follows them? I remember back in the day when me and my bestie would run home and turn on " You're invited to.." videos and sing along. Loved reading all their books and watching Full House/Two of a kind ..etc, although as they got older their acting became more noticeaby worse? lol but that didn't stop me from buying their movies.
 Those were the days......

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  1. omg I agree with you.. my sister and I would watch all their movies too! my fav was billboard dad lol!
    and as for the bag... If I could get The Row's backpack, I would prob get a Berkin first!

    Love that jacket from gmarket, I just ordered a bunch of stuff - I'm waiting for my package!