Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just have a good time.

Made with love by my Boyfriend. && hand made sweet potatoe cake
Few things I received from my bestestest friends! XO time for some shopping!!!

veda/J Brand waxed venoms/ Alexander McQueen/ Monk & Lou/ Nine West

Thinking of heading to Holts tmrw to check out some things, really wanting a Chanel ..
(wishlist: Jumbo calfskin reissue, jumbo classic,GST, WOC..................ahh)  or maybe Lv shoes. Would you rather purchase something lower priority on your wishlist but is a good deal?  Or wait longer for the one you desire more? Sometimes you want something and know you will eventually get it as one of your staple goods, but question is when to buy it..Ah, was thinking of getting a bag in states but worried about customs :S Anybody buy any expensive bags down there? did you claim it?


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  1. your jacket is so cute! where did you buy it?