Thursday, October 6, 2011

9 more days..

till my birthdayyy! -- hate planning, each year seems to get less "exciting" boo.

Too cold to dream about wearin' this :(
My new favorite black lace bralette from Urban Outfitters "honeydew brand". This was my very first Louis Vuitton limited Edition Monogram Mini Lin Croisette Marina GM purchased in 07/08?  
Don't carry it out half as much as I'd like but I love it.

Is it just me, or Forever21 always has nice display clothing on the mannequins but you can never find them in the damn store? lol half the times I do ask an employee they are just as clueless. Recently I had bought a chiffon maxi skirt in Blush? Pink-ish coral color? $14.50 and a full length purple chiffon maxi dress $18.50. Such a good deal compared to what I paid for my Urban Outfitter dresses. Sad thing, I doubt I'll be able to wear them this year :(

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  1. I think I bought the same maxi dress in the royal blue colour! I got it on a trip to the States though, for $15.80. I'm dying it wear it also.