Sunday, April 10, 2011

♥ VEDA overload

Waiting for my beloved Veda Max classic motorcycle jacket to arrive! Finally found my perfect leather jacket :)  prefer it over Mackage since it's so played out.  After dreaming about it everyday, finally bought it on ebay with help from a friend !! much thanks ! + got it much cheaper than I would've at Holt (if they still have it) or online! It's almost identical to the Rick Owens leather jacket as well, but it's much more affordable since Rick Owens would run over $2000 v.s VEDA ~ under $800 depending what color/style. Like most leather jackets, this looks best worn open

                                                        Veda Classic Max motorcycle leather jacket
This is the color I bought because I loved the contrast between the grey/black, but love the black too!

Other cute styles from Veda:

VEDA Max classic in suede $737 here

check out other awesome collections at the official website! VEDA

Rick Owens :

Some pics of celebs wearing Veda & Rick Owens

So what do you guys think?
I'll be posting pics of the actual item when I receive it!

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