Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunny Monday

Blouse Korea/ jeans J Brand / watch Burberry/ sunglasses Ray Ban

// Rant.
SO today my bf and I went to watch Harry Potter. As I was going to sit beside this saved seat, this girl and her lil side kick guy friend kept staring and I actually thought maybe....... this seat is taken? but afterwards they just went back to their " i pad gaming"Moments later, this guy comes in with all this food and sits down in the saved seat. About 10 mins into eating pizza the girl beside ignorantly asks her bf " So how do you like the people sitting next to you?" ...Way to be random. Then they have their lil mini convo.  Like, wtf kind of question is that? I can HEAR you.. Mind you, not like we were being loud obnoxious fucks.We were talking in a quiet and respectful manner and it was 50 MINS before the movie started. 

Have some class.

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